Adjunct Faculty
  • 2008, C.N.E. (Certified Nurse Educator)
  • 2003, Ph.D. (Nursing), Duquesne University
  • 1998, M.S.N., University of Vermont
  • 1996, B.S.N., Norwich University
  • A.P.H.N.-B.C. (Advance Practice Nurse in Public Health, Board Certified)

Dr. Bongiorno is a board certified advanced practice nurse in Public Health, graduating summa cum laude from Norwich University and The University of Vermont.  She earned her PhD in nursing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and completed her certification in nursing education in 2008.

Dr. Bongiorno has extensive experience in curriculum development, course coordination, and teaching in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs and has helped lead successful re-accreditation teams.  Through a HRSA grant she developed a Latin America study abroad program for nursing students and has led student trips to the region for 8 years.

Current research includes a national study on the use of public health competencies to guide public health nursing education, a descriptive correlational study exploring the relationship between academic misconduct and workplace behaviors and a triangulated study measuring the effects of an intervention on moral distress in ICU nurses. Dr. Bongiorno is also researching the effect of a social visiting program in elders, pairing senior nursing students with elderly nursing home residents.  

As a nurse ethicist, Dr. Bongiorno is a member of the Board of Ethics at the UVM-CVPH Hospital and Meadowbrook Health Care in upstate New York. She is the former chair of the New York State Nurses Association Council of Nursing Education and member of Council of Nursing Ethics. Currently she serves as Vice President of Sigma Theta Tau Gamma Delta chapter, and is a member and reviewer for the American Association of Bioethics Educators. Dr. Bongiorno is a former registered lobbyist for the American Lung Association.