Adjunct Faculty
  • 2002, D.M. (Organizational Behavior), University of Phoenix
  • 1992,  M.B.A., University of Michigan
  • 1988, B.B.A., University of Michigan

Dr. Pogue has been a post-secondary business educator, since 1998.  Dr. Pogue’s subject matter expertise is within the areas of business, including: leadership, ethics, organizational behavior, strategic management.

After almost a decade at General Motors, Dr. Pogue transitioned into the world of academia and small business ownership. Since that time, she has been actively engaged in the online education environment with colleges and companies, in both the private and public sectors.

Over the last several years, she has served on numerous public for-profit and private boards, in addition to publishing and presenting academic articles in the areas of leadership, management, executive compensation and international trade.

Dr. Pogue is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times reader, and Major League Baseball fan. She is also a licensed pilot.