Distinguished Adjunct Faculty
  • Ph.D Candidate, Educational Leadership/Curriculum & Instruction, Concordia University
  • M.Ed (School Administration & Supervision), Loyola University
  • B.A. (Teacher Education; Linguistics), Northeastern Illinois University

Robert brings a wealth of experience to his graduate candidates as a rare individual who has held teaching and administrative appointments in all three levels of education: PreK-12, adult education, and higher education.  In his earlier days Robert lived in Japan where he attended a Japanese language institute mornings, and from the afternoons taught English to students of all ages.  This experience was the catalyst to a career in education for Robert.  Upon earning his undergraduate degree in education and teaching license he became the first person in the State of Illinois to receive the ESL endorsement.  

Robert’s work in curriculum/program development & evaluation in leadership, ESL, and bilingual education in all three modalities (ground, blended, and online) has lead him to create numerous courses and programs, including the first known Adult TESOL certificate program leading to a Master’s degree in the Chicago area.  He is a consultant for several educational institutions, and publishers, and has worked on the initial requirements for the ESL endorsement with the Illinois State Board of Education.  Robert has reviewed textbooks, teacher-trainer guides, and has endorsed books for leading authors in the field, such as Dr. Ovid Wong.  Robert Anzelde is recognized as an expert in online and blended learning of which he presents to university administration and faculty, and for which he participates on numerous panels.  He is the recipient of several teaching awards, including nominations for the Willis E. Snowbarger Award for Teaching Excellence and the Richard M. Jones Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.

Robert Anzelde is currently the director of the adult education ESL program at Oakton Community College which provides ESL and citizenship education services for English language learners who are the parents of our wonderful PreK-12 ELs.  In his teaching Robert stresses that the importance of the children and the parents developing a relationship as educational partners is never-ending.  He is known mostly for his emphasis on exercising “proficiency” (taking action on something), rather than just on displaying “competency” (just knowing what to do).  When asked what his secret to achieving educational success is, Robert states - “Putting the students first. Every single one.” which Robert also incorporates into his instructional philosophy.