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You enjoy helping people move forward.
People often come to you with challenges.

Do you want to have more impact on those around you in life, church, or work? If you are looking to make a difference, then mastering coaching skills can help you in your existing career or even help you forge a new one.

Healthy Relationships

What You Will Learn

 Developing healthy relationships is at the heart of the life coaching program. You'll learn:

  • Skills and techniques for productive conversations and asking powerful questions
  • Goal setting and creating accountability that makes a difference
  • Techniques and resources to navigate many life challenges
  • How to cultivate growth-promoting relationships

The Certified Life Coaching program is designed to give you confidence to help improve lives, relationships, and business performance.

At a Glance

Designed For:
  • Those looking to help others achieve personal and professional goals.
  • People looking to launch their own coaching business.
  • Professionals seeking to drive business results through people.
Program completed online at your own pace within 3-6 months
Able to apply courses toward academic credit.

The Parrott Institute for Healthy Relationships Certified Life Coach Program has six self-paced modules that feature video, reading, and reflection that allows you to lean into the material at your own pace. You will not be alone in the process as you will have 10 hours of individual or group coaching to discuss the material, any questions you may have, and to keep you moving forward.


  • Coaching I: Communicating Effectively
    • Active listening skills
    • Asking powerful questions
    • Direct communication
  • Coaching II: Facilitating Learning
    • Interpreting and creating awareness
    • Taking actions
  • Coaching III: Generating Results
    • Planning and goal setting
    • Managing progress and accountability
  • Coaching IV: Improving Personal Well-being
    • Maximize potential
    • Health and well-being, financial, and spiritual
  • Coaching V: Developing Healthy Relationships
    • Family, communication, and understanding differences
  • Coaching VI: Ethics and Guidelines
    • Ethical and professional standards
    • The coaching agreement
    • Co-creating a relationship
    • Coaching presence


You must also choose a specialization module to complete:

  • Marriage and Family

    Marriage and Family – for those working to help others build healthy personal relationships.

  • Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching – for those working to help professionals maximize their effectiveness in driving business results through people.

  • Intercultural Competence Coaching

    Intercultural Competence Coaching – for those working to help people work more effectively in multicultural environments.

Program Features

Healthy Relationships


We believe that healthy relationships make change more effective and conversations around life challenges more productive. Throughout this curriculum you will learn about work, finances, goals, accountability, and having difficult conversations all in the context of healthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships

Earn Academic Credit

As part of Olivet, the Parrott Institute coach training can be applied toward academic credit. You can earn up to 9 credit hours by completing a few additional requirements that can be applied to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program. There are several degree options that include coaching in the curriculum:

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • Masters of Human Services
  • Masters of Organizational Leadership for the Mission Driven Organization
Dr. Parrott Speaking

Great Instruction

Founders, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott have dedicated their life’s work to building healthy relationships. Les is a Psychologist and Leslie is a marriage and family therapist. Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott are #1 New York Times bestselling authors of numerous books.

In addition to lessons from Les and Leslie, you will hear from the following experts:

Dave Ramsey Dave RamseyFinancial Peace
Rachel Cruze Rachel CruzePersonal Finance
Meg Meeker Meg MeekerParenting
Henry Cloud Henry CloudBoundaries
Ken Coleman Ken ColemanFinding your Dream Job
Justin and Trishia Davis Justin and Trishia DavisMarriage and Family
Michael Hyatt Michael HyattClarity and Leadership
Fawn Weaver Fawn WeaverMarriage
Gary Thomas Gary ThomasFaith
Chris Hogan Chris HoganFinancial Planning
Christy Wright Christy WrightWomen in Business
Dale Partridge Dale PartridgeBusiness and Entrepreneurship
Dave and Ashley Willis Dave and Ashley WillisMarriage
Healthy Relationships


Full Coaching Program Bundle*
Includes core courses, specialization and coaching sessions
A Savings of $150

Pay as you go

Core courses*$350 each
Specializations*$500 each

(*books purchased separately)

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