Gain knowledge while earning academic credit by taking individual online courses. Courses are offered throughout the year at the bachelor and master levels in the areas of business, education, nursing and general education.

As a student enrolled in an individual course, you will receive the benefits from being an Olivet student including:

  • Engaging faculty with advanced degrees and significant work experience
  • The opportunity to learn from and with a cohort of peers
  • Exceptional service provided by student services
  • An engaging and collaborative online learning environment

Individual courses are offered to non-degree seeking students who have not been formally admitted to a program of study. Non-degree seeking students may take up to 9 credit hours in the form of a Certificate or degree program. There is no limit to the number of general education courses and electives they may take. To continue in a degree program, they will need to apply for full admission to the program.


The Truth About Annoying Coworkers

November 16, 2017

With a standard 40-hour work week, many of us end up seeing our coworkers more often than our own families. So it’s not a surprise that our coworkers can get on our nerves.